Danish guest lecturer Bent Falk at Luther Academy

30. oktobrī
The lecture "MEANING IN THE FACE OF SUFFERING" by Danish psychotherapist Bent Falk at Luther Academy on 7 November 2023 at 17:30-19:00...

ELCL Thanksgiving Day Conference at Luther Academy

The rector of Luther Academy Jānis Vanags has been archbishop of ELCL since 1993. To celebrate... lasīt tālāk >

Luther Academy participates in the Georgs Mancelis’ Festive Conference

On September 16, 2023, a festive celebration of the writer, teacher, linguist, theologian and... lasīt tālāk >

Twenty first-year students join the student family of Luther Academy

In the academic year 2023/2024, God has blessed Luther Academy with 20 students who are starting... lasīt tālāk >

International and ecumenical conference "Ecology of the Spirit" May 13, 2023

Organizers: Riga Higher Institute of Religious Sciences (RARZI), Riga Theological Institute and... lasīt tālāk >

LA student scientific research paper competition has ended

On April 28, 2023, the final event of the LA student scientific research papers competition was... lasīt tālāk >

Practice of liturgical ministry

In order to promote the proper and worthy worship services of Luther Academy, on the evening of... lasīt tālāk >

Luther Academy students meeting with National Armed Forces chaplains

In order to get to know one of the employers of Luther Academy graduates - Latvian National Armed... lasīt tālāk >

MEMORANDUM of Cooperation with the European Christian Academy signed

On 20 February, 2023 the Memorandum of Cooperation between Luther Academy and the European... lasīt tālāk >

Rector of Luther Academy JĀNIS VANAGS elected as honorary member of LAS

Rector of Luther Academy, Archbishop JĀNIS VANAGS has been elected an honorary member of the... lasīt tālāk >

The funeral of Prof. Dr. Reinhard Slenczka in Würzburg

On November 16, 2022, Prof. Reinhard Slenczka, the first rector of the Luther Academy, was laid to... lasīt tālāk >

CREDIMUS I, a collection of scientific articles of the Luther Academy

It has finally happened! The first edition of CREDIMUS, a collection of scientific articles of the... lasīt tālāk >

The first rector of the Luther Academy, Prof. Reinhard Slenczka passes away

On November 4, in Würzburg, Germany passed away the first rector of the Luther Academy, Prof.... lasīt tālāk >

Reformation Day Conference at Luther Academy

Luther Academy invites to the annual conference dedicated to the Reformation... lasīt tālāk >

2022 Luther Academy Motivation Camp

On October 14-15, 2022, students and lecturers of Luther Academy participated in the LA Motivation... lasīt tālāk >

Additional admission to study at Luther Academy in the academic year 2022/2023

On August 11, 2022, the Senate of the Luther Academy decided to announce additional admission to... lasīt tālāk >
2024. gada 18. jūlijs
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