2022 Luther Academy Motivation Camp

On October 14-15, 2022, students and lecturers of Luther Academy participated in the LA Motivation Camp. Gratitude to God for the opportunity to be in fellowship, to talk, to look inside yourself and look at yourself from a different angle, to worship in the churches of Saldus M. Luther and St. John, to be together in morning, evening and lunch prayers, to receive answers to prayers, to gain answers and reinforcement on the path of faith and ministry – so rich and blessed was the time spent at the Luther Academy (LA) annual Motivation Camp at St. Gregor Education Centre in Saldus.

The participants of the camp had lectures conducted by: 

- LA lecturer Gints Graudiņš "Order of Mercy",

- LA Rector, Archbishop Jānis Vanags "Vocation",

- Deputy Rector of LA, Bishop Rinalds Grants "Spiritual Life" and "Body and Time Planning", 

- Director of the St. Gregor Education Centre, Reverend Raimonds Mežiņš "Relationships".

Students could have personal conversations with spiritual leaders and become more familiar with bishops in evening conversations. In student feedback, the multi-voiced "Thanks to St.Gregor Education Centre for hospitality and to the Luther Academy for the initiative and organization. We look forward to the next camp." 


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